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Birth Preparation with EPI-NO

Approximately 3 weeks before delivery you should begin your EPI-NO exercises to increase the elasticity of your pelvic floor muscles. About 15 minutes per day. As in sport, the muscles will be strengthened and stretched.

1. Strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles

Insert the EPI-NO balloon 2/3rds into the vagina. Gently contract and relax your muscles against the balloon, which provides resistance.

2. Stretch the Perineum

Slowly inflate the EPI-NO balloon to the point of stretching and comfort. Each day you will inflate and stretch more. There is no risk to your baby.

3. Simulate the Birth

After the stretching phase relax your pelvic floor muscles and allow the inflated EPI-NO balloon to gently expel itself from the vagina. This will familiarise you with the sensation of delivering the baby's head.

Birth animation...

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All-Round Good Feeling!

With EPI-NO you can optimally prepare for the birth of your baby by gently stretching your pelvic floor muscles and perineum to avoid injury associated with delivery. After your baby is born, the EPO-NO Delphine Plus is your ideal partner to help you recover the strength and tone of your over-stretched, weak and possibly injured pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic Floor Muscles protect and strengthen - for that all-round Good Feeling!

How EPI-NO will benefit you:

  • A simple device to exercise anytime at home
  • Complements your perineal massaging
  • Reduces the risk of perineal tears and episiotomy
  • Less stress for mother and baby during second stage of labour
  • Optimal device for speeding the regeneration/ recovery process
  • More sexual satisfaction
  • Biofeedback monitors and motivates your recovery performance

Delphine EPI-NO Delphine Plus and Delphine have undergone sucessful clinical testing.

They are available in pharmacies.


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