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With EPI-NO Libra you can now do something about your problem yourself. This newly developed pelvic floor trainer can greatly improve, and often even completely cure, your bladder weakness in the case of strain or stress incontinence. Even in the case of mixed form (stress and urge incontinence), the pelvic floor trainer can be part of the therapy. Prophylactic training - for example, after childbirth - can reduce the risk of later incontinence.

EPI-NO Libra was developed in close co-operation with gynaecologists, physiotherapists and patients.


EPI-NO Libra consists of an anatomically formed silicone balloon with hand pump and pressure gauge (biofeedback function). The application is based on the natural strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles by regular training and deliberately dispenses with electronics or accompanying medicines. Regular training is also the basic condition for success.

The stronger your pelvic floor muscles the higher the pressure you can exert on the balloon. The pressure gauge on the EPI-NO Libra monitors your performance and informs you that your PME's are correct. This is called Bio-feedback and helps motivate you to see your performance improve.

EPI-NO Libra is manufactured in Germany.


The balloon-tube replacement system for EPI-NO Libra. For hygienic reasons it is recommended to replace this item every 6 months.

Training with EPI-NO Libra

The pelvic floor trainer is made of high-quality components which have undergone a strict quality control.

It consists of:

  • (1) an anatomically formed balloon made of medical silicone
  • (2) a hand pump with
  • (3) pressure gauge
  • (4) air release valve
  • (5) and supply tube

For training, the balloon (pressure sensor) is first inserted in the vagina.

Air can be pumped into the sensor by means of the hand pump. The balloon adapts perfectly to the individual anatomy on account of its flexible form.

Together with EPI-NO Libra the described pelvic floor exercises can now be carried out.

With regular training many women notice a positive result after only a few days. The stronger the pelvis floor muscles, the greater the pressure on the sensor. Training is carried out against a resistance:

EPI-NO Libra acts as a "dumbbell" for the pelvic floor.

The specially developed training program for EPI-NO Libra can be found under "Downloads": Pelvic floor training with EPI-NO Libra.

Motivation and Success

The earlier you begin with the pelvic floor training and the more continuously you carry out the exercises, the greater are the chances for long-lasting success. As you train against a resistance, the result is particularly effective. In principle, there is no age restriction whatsoever for using the trainer.

You receive with EPI-NO Libra a detailed instruction manual and an exact description of the various exercises. An exercise calendar reminds you to use the trainer regularly and keeps a visible record of training progress.

In this way you can:

  • train simply and comfortably at home at any time
  • track down exactly the right group of muscles
  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles effectively
  • increase your motivation to train through biofeedback • be successful through specific training
  • finally get your problems under control

You can download
- the instruction manual
- the exercise calendar
- and the pelvic floor training with EPI-NO Libra

free of charge under: Downloads


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