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Pelvic floor training with EPI-NO Libra is based on a therapy concept known decades ago (pelvic floor training against resistance with biofeedback according to Kegel).

Scientific works prove that this form of therapy is more effective and more successful than traditional pelvic floor training.

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FAQ / Frequently asked questions

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How often and how long should I train?

Train once to twice a day during 10 to 20 minutes until you have reached your treatment target. Precise information on the training program can be found under "Downloads": Pelvic floor training with EPI-NO Libra

Can I also use if I have had a previous genital injury?

Please ask your gynaecologist. In principle, there is nothing against training after an injury in the genital region (e.g. episiotomy or other operation). On the contrary, the pelvic floor exercises increase the blood flow in the genital area – thus enhancing the regeneration process. It is, however, important that the injuries have healed completely.

What and how can I train with EPI-NO Libra?

EPI-NO Libra optimally supports an effective pelvic floor training. A training session of approx. 15 minutes per day is usually sufficient to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles again quickly. The needle on the pressure gauge, depending on muscular strength, deflects further when the pelvic floor muscles are tensed so that you can see whether you are training the right muscles and the progress you have made in muscle training. This is also called biofeedback. You will find more precise information regarding the training program under "Downloads": Pelvic floor training with EPI-NO Libra

Is there any danger of infection?

In the studies the risk of infection was examined. If the trainer is properly cleaned and disinfected according to the instruction manual, there should be no risk of infection.

How far should I insert the balloon into the vagina for the exercises?

The balloon should be inserted 1/2 of its length into the vagina. Occasionally the balloon may slip in or out of the vagina while training. This can be prevented by lightly holding the end of the tube. Try to remain relaxed during the exercises as experience shows that after approx. 3 sessions, one acquires a certain routine.

When should I not use EPI-NO?

For contraindications, please see the instructions for use. These are also available on the home page (see "Downloads"). If you are not sure whether you can use EPI·NO or not, your gynaecologist will certainly be able to help you.

Where are EPI-NO products available in other countries?

EPI-NO products are already directly available in many countries. You will find more precise details under INTERNATIONAL PARTNER.

If I have further questions, whom can I contact?

If you have further questions or suggestions, or if you want to tell us about your experiences concerning the subject pelvic floor training, send us an Email or contact your local distributor directly.


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