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Regeneration with EPI-NO Delphine Plus

EPI-NO Delphine Plus

Approximately 3 to 6 weeks after delivery you should begin Pelvic Muscle Exercises (PME) with EPI-NO Delphine Plus to regenerate the strength and tone of those hard to find pelvic floor muscles. The stronger your pelvic floor muscles the higher the pressure you can exert on the balloon. The pressure gauge on the EPI-NO Delphine Plus monitors your performance and informs you that your PME's are correct. This is called Bio-feedback and helps motivate you to see your performance improve.

EPI-NO Delphine Plus helps you to exactly locate, exercise and monitor your effective performance of those hard-to-find pelvic floor muscles.

What are the pelvic floor musles?

The pelvic floor muscles are one of the most important muscle groups in your body. They are a sling of muscles stretching from the tailbone (at the base of the spine) to the pubic bone in front.

They support and contribute to the lower body's posture, breathing and circulation system. The stronger the pelvic floor muscles, the better the functioning of yourlower organs: uterus, bladder and bowel. In addition, well toned pelvic floor muscles ensure greater sexual pleasure.

Why exercise the pelvic floor muscles?

During pregnancy and childbirth your pelvic floor muscles will be extensively stretched. Your body will partially regenerate these muscles naturally.

However, with a conscientious contraction/relaxation training programme, these muscles will soon recover their former strength and tone. Exercising with EPI-NO Delphine Plus will help you achieve this.

At the beginning of the pelvic floor muscle training, the greatest problem is that a lot of women do not even know where their pelvic floor muscles are or have difficulties tensing these muscles specifically It is therefore important in training to develop a feeling for the muscles of the pelvic floor and to sense the right muscle groups. EPI-NO Delphine Plus gives you effective help in this matter with Biofeedback.


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