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The TECSANA company is a young concern which was founded at the beginning of 1999 in Munich.

The goal of TECSANA is the manufacture of innovative products which generate new medical applications and procedures for patients and business partners.

EPI-NO products are an excellent example for the consistent implementation of the TECSANA company's philosophy.

EPI-NO products are innovative and represent fundamental changes in birth preparation, pelvic floor training as well as in incontinence therapy.

They are based consistently on the principles of gentle medicine. This philosophy based on teamwork will also significantly mark TECSANA's future products.

Quality Management:

The Quality Management System of Tecsana Munich Germany is certified.

Certificate ISO 13485:2016


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Tecsana GmbH:
Tecsana GmbH

Medical Device Technology


Made in Germany

EPI-NO International

EPI-No International

EPI-NO is represented in 28 countries worldwide. Read more here...


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