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According to the most recent ratings, approx 8 million people, alone in Germany, live with an urinary incontinence (colloquially called bladder weakness) which requires treatment or care and the number is continually increasing. Women are, however, more frequently affected and age is not even an important factor.

The causes are manifold. Young women often suffer from a weak bladder during or after a pregnancy. - It can even be a consequence years later. Hormonal change in the menopause, overweight, various illnesses or operations can also result in a weak bladder.

The most frequent cause for incontinence in women is the so-called strain or stress incontinence: The closing device of the urethra no longer functions properly: It happens if one laughs or coughs, when carrying heavy things or in sport - the bladder suddenly begins to empty itself - involuntarily and without any possibility of preventing it. The reason is often weak muscles in the pelvic floor.

Bladder weakness is not a life-threatening illness. However, it has a long-term effect on the physical and mental well-being and represents a loss in the quality of life.

The most recent investigations have shown that not even half of all affected women speak about it with their doctor. Incontinence is wrongly still a taboo subject in the public eye and thus little discussed.

What you can do?

As there are various forms of incontinence (strain, stress, urge incontinence, etc.), your doctor must first clarify from what kind of incontinence you are suffering.

Even if you do not like talking about the subject, this is an important step towards decisively getting your problem under control.

So first confide in your doctor. Only he can clarify the cause of the illness, make the correct diagnosis and advise you on the correct treatment.

In almost half of all cases, particularly in women, for example, the problem occurs in the form of a so-called stress incontinence. Specific pelvic floor training is here, in most cases, the first choice of therapy.

You can prepare for your visit to the doctor by putting together important information in advance:

  • 1. Since when do you have a problem with bladder weakness?
  • 2. How often, on an average, does the problem occur per week / per day?
  • 3. What is the approximate quantity of urine you lose?
  • 4. When does it happen - when coughing, sneezing or laughing, when carrying heavy things or something else?
  • 5. How often do you have to go to the toilet per day?
  • 6. Do you also have the problem when you are sleeping?
  • 7. How often do you have an urge to urinate per day?

The Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is one of the most important groups of muscles in the whole body. The multi-layered muscle sling links the coccyx with the pubic bone.

It closes the pelvis which is open at the bottom and maintains our whole body upright, stabilizes the spine, circulation and respiration. The stronger the pelvic floor muscles, the better the organs in the pelvis function: the uterus, bladder and bowel. Well trained muscles also increase pleasure in your sexual life.

The conscious tensing and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles is called pelvic floor training. Through various exercises the perception of the muscle layers is improved and the musculature strengthened. Scientific investigations have shown that bladder weakness can often be completely cured with specific pelvic floor training.

At the beginning of the pelvic floor muscle training, the greatest problem is that a lot of women do not even know where their pelvic floor muscles are or have difficulties tensing these muscles specifically.

It is therefore important in training to develop a feeling for the muscles of the pelvic floor and to sense the right muscle groups.

EPI-NO Libra gives you effective help in this matter with Biofeedback.


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